Your Feedback Matters

Over the past two months, the RTC has successfully run five (5) different courses on Narcotics, Leadership, Border Management, Airport Interdiction and Law Enforcement Techniques. We were exceptionally pleased to welcome back our Portuguese speaking participants from Cabo Verde and Guinea Bissau who interacted seamlessly with their Anglophone counterparts from the Gambia, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Alumni who had previously been to the RTC shared their experiences and highlighted the benefit of the RTC courses. In their own words – let’s hear what they had to share!

Participant from Ghana

As an analyst, the knowledge acquired was very useful in the performance of my duties especially during Investigations. Thanks to the FBI instructor team, my confidence level has improved significantly. At the RTC, we were made to share our opinion devoid of any intimidation. All participants were given equal opportunities to express themselves and provide constructive feedback.

Participant from Nigeria

The knowledge gained at the leadership course has enabled me gain a better understanding of myself and the personnel I work with. The way I relate with my colleagues has changed considerably. I have learned that empowering my subordinates to take up leadership roles requires me to trust in their capabilities. I am confident about change and I hope to set an example as a good role model to be followed.

Participant from Ghana

The RTC has built my capacity and enhanced my performance in my line of duty as an immigration officer. I have acquired knowledge on techniques used in gathering information and developing the information into intelligence.

Participant from Ghana

I have had three levels of training in Cyber Fraud investigations at the RTC. These trainings broadened my knowledge on investigations especially on cyber fraud and informed positive changes in the performance of my duties. More specifically, I am able to apply the first respondent’s knowledge acquired during a search or seizure. The investigative skills acquired has also helped in conducting background checks on suspects.


Amazing, isn’t it? We love receiving feedback like these- please reach out to us via and we’ll get the conversation started!