Lessons Learned from the Office of Professional Responsibility / Internal Affairs Course by Mr. Diawara

In this month’s RTC Buzz, we’ll share another story, written by one of our participants from the Office of Professional Responsibility Course (OPR).  Mr. Diawara is an Examining Magistrate and a prolific writer, based in Guinea and has published several legal articles (Read more here). He will share with us how he is applying the knowledge from the OPR class in the execution of his duties.



"I have the honor to narrate what I gained from the West Africa Regional Training Center.

Indeed, at the end of my training on the theme: Office of Professional Responsibility/Internal Affairs (OPR/IA) at the West Africa Regional Training Center, I was able to transfer the knowledge acquired despite the fact that it was slightly different from my operational discipline. Thus instead of using the knowledge acquired to target investigation of officers, irrespective of whether they were carrying out their professional duties or not, I put it into effect during the interrogation process of accused persons and/or defendants.

Also, not only have I prepared new documents using modern procedures but I have also changed my way of investigating citizens’ complaints before accepting and/or recording them in line with what I was taught at the RTC. The same thing applies to investigative techniques used to investigate an allegation or an indication of misconduct.

Moreover I am able to prepare a good investigative report similar to what we were taught during the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) class. In this regard, I manage and record the investigations correctly in order not to undermine my integrity and credibility.

Delegating an interview or questioning to senior officers during an investigation has become quite an easy task for me. Being able to identify the flaws in the procedures and correct them has helped to build the trust of the people and the self-confidence of my investigative officers and to maintain the reputation and the highest level of integrity of my Investigation Office. Finally, after this productive training received at the Center, I write very good reports especially on legal proceedings and each one of them answers the following questions: Who? When? What?  Where? Why?

Let me mention that for now I am occupying the same position (Examining Magistrate). However, looking at my positive and active involvement in purely professional proceedings (in the judiciary), I am confident that very soon, I will occupy one of the highest positions in my country. 

Thank you!"


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