New Year Changes

The RTC is preparing for the New Year and we are in the process of making a few positive changes.

Some of these changes refer to our communication strategies, especially in our efforts to engage with our alumni. As usual we hope to keep you updated on our progress and new developments. The key components of these changes are highlighted below.


RTC Alumni Network Portal

We constantly receive feedback on the alumni network portal. Our goal is to make it as functional and beneficial to you all as possible. We would like to make it more user-friendly, to boost communication amongst all alumni. To this effect, we have temporarily stopped sending out portal invitations to new users. Old users will still be able to use the portal and will not be affected. We acknowledge that some people experience issues in changing photos and passwords. All these are being worked on and we promise you better portal usage in the future.

RTC Website

The RTC Website remains a useful tool in the RTC’s communication strategy. To improve the RTC website means to improve our visibility to all our stakeholders, as a hub of information. We’re also working to improve the website, both content-wise and visually and we’re building a stronger French website. Our program managers are working hard to see this happen and I promise you will not be disappointed! Please bear with us if you do not find information on a particular course, published on the website. All loopholes are being fixed! Site under construction!

Communications on Social Media

We have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of views on the RTC Facebook page and we like! This month, we are collecting feedback from you - RTC Alum, what would you like to see on our social media pages? What kind of information would spark your interest? Please feel free to send us messages and emails and we’ll get talking. One quick reminder – Let’s be security-conscious, when using social media. And to our instructors (Hello Tim and Todd), please share relevant law enforcement articles, videos and jokes with us, so we can share with the entire network.


Alumni Success Stories

During a recent trip to the airport, I ran into an RTC alumnus at the airport and her greeting message was “I’ve been promoted”! We do like to hear such feedback from you, especially on the impact of the training on your career as a criminal justice or judicial professional. Please, do write to us to share successful cases, investigations that called for the application of knowledge gained from RTC training, and tell us about promotions. Remember also that this year; we will be launching our RTC Alumni Surveys so look out for those on your phones and emails soon.


We look forward to working with all our alumni, with the aim of fostering stronger partnerships to combat transnational organized crime. Do keep in touch- send us an email at with comments, questions, and suggestions. And ask yourself “when was the last time I reached out to an RTC Alum?”