RTC Grand Opening

Officiating Guests present during the Grand Opening

Thus far, the RTC program has successfully evolved to provide training to empower law enforcement officers with adequate knowledge and skills needed to combat transnational organized crime. Our vision to see law enforcement agencies work together to build task forces that defy stereotypes is gradually becoming a reality. The RTC plays a key role in INL’s strategic training plan to implement a training program designed to focus on specific challenges and trends of crime faced by the West African community.

Today, we are very pleased that our center has been nationally and internationally recognized for our efforts in implementing training deliveries which help build criminal justice capacity and improves interagency cooperation.

At the RTC, we believe in continuous progressive improvement. That is to say that, just because things are good does not mean they cannot get better.” Credit goes to the Contracting Officer’s Representative of the RTC training program, who shared these words of inspiration with the local team during his last visit to Ghana.

The good news is that the RTC program continues to expand its frontiers in order to achieve maximum success. We deem it a great honor to announce that, the center recently transitioned into a new ultra-modern training facility. With this new facility, we will be able to hold multiple training deliveries simultaneously.

Dignitries present during the Grand Opening

To mark the relocation, the RTC held an open house ceremony on April 21, 2017.  In attendance was the US Ambassador to Ghana - Ambassador Jackson and the Minister of Interior – Honorable Ambrose Derry. This event saw many other high level officials from the Government of Ghana, members of parliament, heads of various law enforcement institutions and officials from the US Embassy in Accra. The opening ceremony commenced with a cultural troop display of the rich African culture followed by speeches from the officials present. Ambassador Jackson unveiled a plaque in commemoration of the new facility. Afterwards, Director Lampley took all the invitees on a tour of the facility and the event successfully ended with a cocktail reception.

RTC Auditorium

Our new facility provides an array of services and has capabilities incomparable to any other training facility. We offer professional trainings that build law enforcement workforce capacity to combat crimes. We have three training rooms fully equipped with audio visual equipment and multi-channel interpretation gear.  We also have an auditorium which can accommodate up to 60 students with full fiber optic internet that enables high-speed Wi-Fi. The new RTC also provides a cafeteria space, a terrace, about eight breaks out rooms, meeting rooms, administration block, and a library.

Before I conclude this introduction to our Center, I would like to thank the most important people who have contributed immensely towards our success; great commendation goes to INL and all U.S supporting agencies for your continued effort to provide assistance to the West African law enforcement community.

A very special one goes to one  key member of our team – Director Hayward Lampley , who keeps us motivated and inspired to keep doing what we know how to do best. Thank you Mr. Lampley!

RTC Mural

We are extremely thankful to the RTC Local team -The most amazing and outstanding team of professionals who have worked behind the scenes to ensure the smooth transition and the successful running of the RTC program.

I would like to use this opportunity to also welcome the new addition to the RTC local team who serves in the capacity of the Operations Manager, Mr. Bernard Asante – welcome aboard.  In the coming months, we will definitely see and hear more of him.

We would also like to place the spotlight on the RTC Artist and Intern whose talent and support to the RTC program is simply breathtaking. Kudos to Mr. Eric Allotey, you did a great job on the mural!

Our next appreciation goes to all attendees and guests who honored our invitation to attend the open house event last month. We are indeed most grateful.

Cutting of Cake during the Grand Opening

Our final thanks go to the staff of Commonwealth Trading Partners Incorporated (CTP, Inc.) who work round the clock to get things done. We are pleased to say that the CTP team has greatly contributed to the advancement of the RTC training program.

As our center has evolved to where it is today, we are prepared as a team to pick up the new challenges that lie ahead of us and also promise to do the necessary to move the RTC to the next level.

Great Job Team!!  .