Forward Thinking

The New Year is here and many people will make resolutions that while verbalized, never gain traction. Let us resolve to start off 2018 with commitments that will set the foundation for the years to come. There is the need to look toward the future to identify opportunities to maximize our potential in our law enforcement careers. If you have ideas about how this can be achieved, please feel free to comment on our Facebook page or, if you prefer, you may email us at The RTC has carefully put together notes on how we can make the most out of this year. We hope you find these pointers useful.

Strategic Planning

If you have not yet set measurable goals and devised a strategic plan on how to achieve these goals throughout the year, it is not too late. It’s time to plan and prepare. You can begin by identifying precise goals, creating the objectives of the goal not forgetting to list the potential obstacles that may come your way. It’s always important to create a plan of action by setting daily targets, milestones and timelines which will take you closer to achieving your goals. Periodically evaluate your goals and assess the progress or setbacks and how to improve upon them. Careful planning enables you to realize your full potential for personal and professional success.

Get Functionally Fit.

If you do not regularly take part in some type of physical activity, commit to doing so on a regular basis this year. This could be a defensive tactics course, running or lifting. In addition to the physical demands of duty, offers are also subjected to psychological and emotional stress. The stress associated with the work can affect officer’s mental and physical health. Maintaining a healthy body and mind is of a necessity as it helps reduces stress and makes us efficient and capable in our line of duty.

Tap into academia

Commit yourself to learning a new skill. Enhancing your brain’s capacity is a good thing. You can do this by reading more books that will improve your life. Make it a point to learn something new each day and increase your charisma and confidence at all times. Develop a systematic means of identifying emerging technologies or applying established technologies in new ways. Getting adjusted to new technological innovations will enable you to map out emerging criminal trends and share best practices among law enforcement.

Improve your Communication Skill

Effective communication is probably the number one asset and quality of any law enforcement professional. Effective communication skills enable law enforcement officers to develop rapport with the public, colleagues and informants. There is also the need accommodate information sharing across agencies while equally protecting vital information. In order to attain the desired levels of collaboration in our security agencies, we encourage all alumni to maintain friendly dialogues, network, and share challenges faced and lessons learned in law enforcement.

Commit to applying the Law while Serving the Community

A good law enforcement professional should be driven by a strong and sincere motivation to help better other peoples' situations, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and make a positive difference in the world. Be committed to community service by assisting those in the community. Write yourself a note and post it where you will see it. Repeat and commit to what it says each time: I will serve my communityno matter what may come, I will overcome and I will survive!

Please feel free to comment on our Facebook page or, if you prefer, you may email us at to share articles and ideas about how to gear up for the rest of the year. Thank You.