First ever RTC Alumni Event

The RTC team, led by the Director, traveled to Abuja, Nigeria, to host our first ever alumni event! It was exciting to receive numerous phone calls and text messages from alumni expressing great enthusiasm about the event, which brought alumni together to demonstrate how they have put the RTC training to use. It was interesting to observe the first batch of RTC alumni, trained as far back as 2013, interacting with our most recent alumni from 2019. The positive energy and feedback from you have kept the alumni community alive.

A total of 64 alumni representing ILEA Gaborone, ILEA Roswell and the RTC, attended the event. The diversity of agencies represented, offered a good platform for networking and sharing ideas.

We really appreciated the feedback provided during the break out sessions, where teams worked together to deliver presentations on best practices for alumni engagement, while addressing unique challenges facing the alumni community. 

Just as the US Ambassador to Nigeria shared during the opening ceremony, we owe it upon ourselves as alumni representing our various agencies, to help rebuild trust in our respective criminal justice systems. We were honored to hear your success stories, which demonstrates that the RTC training has a positive impact on your law enforcement careers. 

We encourage you to keep your success stories coming through; log on to your IGN and tell us your story.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of continuous engagement. When was the last time you collaborated with an RTC colleague from another agency? Remember that communication is one sure way to keep us one step ahead of criminals.

We sincerely appreciate the INL Office in Abuja for cohosting this event with the RTC. To all alumni in Nigeria who supported this great initiative, we say “Well Done!”  

                                                         We are gearing up for more events in the future; let us know where our next stop should be!