Submit Content to the RTC!

 We  user generated content.


Why you should submit content to the RTC:

  1. To showcase law enforcement successes and community outreach in your country.
  2. To praise law enforcement efforts on complex cases or offer constructive criticism of how to handle things better.
  3. To offer encouragement to others who are up against similar professional challenges.
  4. To provide best practices to others, as learned on the job.
  5. To have an area to pitch new ideas or processes to receive professional feedback.


Ideas for content to submit to RTC:

*Kindly remember to submit/post content that is professionally appropriate and relevant.

  1. Photos / Videos / Audio of Events
  2. White papers / Proposals
  3. Opinion Editorials / Commentary
  4. First-Hand News Reports on Current Situations
  5. Upcoming Events or Opportunities for Other Alumni

Security concerns and where content can be posted:

*Security is important to us. You may of course request that your name is withheld from Blog or Newsletter postings (credit can be given in a format such as: "RTC Alumni - Investigator - Accra, Ghana"), or, you can state whether you'd like it [Blog entry] public or password protected.

  • RTC Blog (public or password protected (provided to RTC Alumni only)).
  • RTC Monthly Newsletter sent to all Alumni (can link back to the blog, public or password protected, as well).
  • RTC Groups (you are encouraged to post content directly to any of the RTC Groups in the Group Directory).
  • RTC Facebook or Twitter.

How to submit content:

  • Email (put: "Submitting Content" in the subject line). (Upload photos and videos directly from your mobile.)
  • Post within any of the Groups you've joined in the Portal's Group Directory.
  • Post to the Facebook or Twitter accounts.