RTC Alumni Testimonials

It brings us great fulfillment when we receive feedback from our alumni outreach network. This proves to us that our efforts to build a solid alumni network to facilitate collaboration and interaction among our participants is not in vain. Permit us to share with you, comments submitted by our alumni in reference to the recent Border Interdiction Course and the new RTC facility.  Stick around and enjoy the read.


  • The college is very proactive and the staff are very respectful and friendly.

--Delegate from Ghana

  • It is quite impressive. It was a great experience with people from different nationalities sharing ideas as to how customs and immigration activities are conducted in their various countries and most especially Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) procedures.

--Delegate from Ghana

  • It was a brain storming exercise on the problems encountered during border monitoring. It brought to light the logistical constrains of African countries in border monitoring.

--Delegate from Sierra Leone

  • The course was interesting. I wish there will be more of such programs from time to time to refresh us of what is expected of us as law enforcement officers.

--Delegate from Nigeria

  • The knowledge imparted was amazing. The training program brought together experienced instructors who flawlessly executed the course. They made it as practical as possible and that was what I loved most about them.

--Delegate from Tanzania

  • These instructors have increased my knowledge and understanding of the subject and it will improve my day to day handling and efficiency in my job. I sincerely hope that this collaboration with the RTC continues. I wish them all the best. It was a training well organized, coordinated and executed.

--Delegate from Nigeria.

  • The standard of the RTC facility and staff are very good. They have good rapport and are very sociable.

--Delegate from Sierra Leone.

  • I have learnt new investigative skills which will be very relevant to my job back home. I hope to implement these innovations in my organization and I strongly believe it will be appreciated by my superiors hence more credence to my career.

--Delegate from Sierra Leone.


With that said…do stay connected and watch out for the next edition of our Newsletter.