It has been a great pleasure keeping you updated on the RTC and sending along useful information for your careers. We appreciate everyone who took time to read and give us feedback on all our efforts. We head into the New Year feeling very positive about the future of law enforcement in Africa, and it is because of your diligence, hard work, and passion for your jobs! Bravo! 2019 promises to be very exciting for the RTC alumni with a lot of interesting activities and courses heading your way.


2019 courses have been tailor-made to respond to the critical needs of law enforcement officers in Africa. These courses have been carefully designed to equip participants with the needed skills in fighting growing criminal trends on the continent. Course offerings will include a wide range of Investigative courses, Leadership programs, a Countering Violent Extremism course series (CVE) as well as Anti – Corruption trainings.

Alumni Outreach Tools

The RTC engages its alumni through its social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp). In 2018, we noticed a sharp rise in alumni engagement via our WhatsApp platforms where we engaged alumni in several virtual meetings following the end of the RTC trainings.  This year, the RTC also transitioned to a new website - follow this link ( to get updated with the latest news. We  engaged alumni through emails via, in-person interviews, phone calls, and the monthly newsletters which provided updates on the RTC and featured alumni who shared success stories and other law enforcement related articles.

In 2019, we hope to enrich our newsletter content with other interesting segments to include live news broadcast, instructional videos, webinars, and useful links to enhance our alumni research library. You can reply to this blog post via by sharing interesting activities you would like to see featured on the website.

IGN Alumni Survey Alert

As part of our efforts to enhance our alumni outreach program, the RTC encourages all participants to utilize the ILEA Global Network (IGN) as a tool for promoting collaboration. The IGN is an easy to use online platform, which connects all RTC alumni. The IGN has launched a short survey about your professional experience following the end of your RTC training. Please follow the link in your inbox to complete the 6 month survey at your earliest convenience.

Alternatively, please follow instructions below to guide you through the process;

IGN Survey Instructional Guide

  1. Access the IGN login page via:
  2. Insert your username and password
  3. If you do not remember your username, reach out to the RTC for assistance
  4. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it on the IGN login page
  5. If asked to complete your security questions, please submit responses and proceed
  6. Enter your username and password
  7. On the landing page click on “my courses” to select the course you attended
  8. On the course session page, scroll down to take the alumni survey
  9. Submit survey after completion

Alumni Reunion

To achieve our goal of establishing better networking opportunities and regional partnerships, the RTC plans to host its first Regional Alumni Event in Nigeria. The alumni event will create the needed platform for knowledge sharing and also improve interagency collaboration amongst participating law enforcement entities.

Stay tuned for more updates about this upcoming event. For further inquiries or comments, please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist.

Happy Holidays!!