Alumni Testimonials from FICA 4.1.88

In the month of February, the RTC hosted delegates from eight West African countries, for the INL funded, Fundamental Investigative Criminal Analysis course. This course is the first part of a three course series on Criminal Intelligence, where each course builds on previous knowledge gained. It was an interesting week, with participants who were engaged from the very first day of class. And of course, we love our FICA instructors who ran the course smoothly. Each country delegation had a something to say about the course-

Cross-section of participants from FICA class

Cross-section of participants from FICA class

Delegation from Benin

The just-ended training was organized at the right time and under very good conditions. The instructors had vast knowledge and an in-depth experience on the subject matter. This training also created an atmosphere for a real cultural exchange between participants from different countries. The topic for the training helped us to identify different sources of information, provide the information to analysts in order to give better accounts to our superiors. It has really built our capacities to be more efficient in investigations. Thank you, RTC.


Delegation from Senegal

The training was organized at a very crucial time. The instructors employed all the available means to convey their message. The Interpreters also did a phenomenal job. We are now well equipped to carry out successful investigations. We are very grateful to the RTC and we hope that trainings of such kind be organized in the future.

Delegation from Guinea

Generally, this training session has been very beneficial and enriching.


Participants actively involved in group projects

Delegation from Ghana

The course has been very interesting and useful to us. We hope to impart whatever we have learnt to our colleagues back in the office. In fact, it has opened our eyes to a new way of analyzing issues, especially the RF Flow.

Delegation from Nigeria

It is a highly professional training which could not have come at a better time. It will aid us and give better insight into cases being investigated. I strongly recommend this course to every investigator and analyst.

Delegation from Cote D’Ivoire

We were very satisfied with the content, mode, and quality of delivery of this course. Participants were enthused about sharing their experience with their other colleagues back in their countries of origin. We also wish that the RF Flow software be made available to participants so that they can be familiarized with it. We wish to express our profound appreciation and respect to all the instructors for a good work done.

Delegation from Togo

The training was well organized. All participants were at their best. Instructors, interpreters and RTC staff were phenomenal. The course has enabled us to build on our experience and knowledge by introducing new software like Google Earth and RFFlow to us. This software will facilitate our work and enhance our criminal investigation analysis. We have also learnt a lot on information management for the purpose of intelligence gathering, which will also equip us to help our policy makers to make very important decisions.

Delegation from Cabo Verde 

Participants worked hard on their country projects

Participants worked hard on their country projects

I think the course was very interesting, helpful and beneficial because we were able to learn new and vital knowledge in relation to safety precautions and modus operandi as investigators.  From now on, we can execute our work with firmness and determination.  We will also be able to persuade our superiors (leaders) to create conducive working environments as well as give us necessary instruments needed to efficiently carry out our work.  Lastly we will also enjoin our leaders to give the judicial authorities enabling powers which will help them dispense their duties fearlessly and transparently.