The RTC Hosts the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

RTC hosts IOM!

This September newsletter is actually dedicated to the Trafficking in Persons course, delivered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) during the first week of August. This was the first time the RTC hosted IOM here in Accra and we sure hope it won’t be the last! It was two weeks of solid instruction on human trafficking issues by the IOM instructor team--Paul, Amy, and Silvia. All I can say is Paul charmed us with his wonderful British wit and accent that had every one listening to his booming voice every time he held the microphone. I daresay we learnt so much and the participants from Ghana, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Benin, and Togo had nothing short of positive comments and feedback on this course. We had more fan mail relating to IOM than we ever had, for any course (and we get a lot of emails!) Need I say more? Let’s hear and see what RTC participants have to say about the IOM Trafficking In Persons course.


"The course was a timely intervention towards promoting international cooperation amongst the participating states‎. It critically examined key issues in human trafficking with emphasis on the victim and human rights base approach. The instructors, renowned persons on the subject adopted a more practical approach thereby simplifying the complex issues. I'm better informed on the issues covered. The vision of the USA-Ghana governments to establish the WARTC, can't be over emphasized.  ‎It's hope this vision will continue to produce the desired results targeted at promoting peace within the region and the world at large. Thanks for the opportunity!" -Alumnus from Nigeria


"The experience I got from the WARTC is something that cannot be described in real, everyday semantics... The Facilitators were super fantastic! Especially Paul; as a professional trainer I see Paul as a Trainer par excellence and mentor. The Delegates and Alumni from all the five participating West African countries were exceptional. Everyone came with something new and positive that I took with me back to Abuja, Nigeria. And this comment will not be complete without mentioning the great work of diligence put in by the RTC Staff and Coordinating Team. For the second time in my life, I found myself attending training in Africa with great facilities, great facilitators, great coordinators, and, great training environment that can only be likened to locations in Europe and America. I am indeed, honoured to be an Alumnus of RTC." -Alumnus from Nigeria


"The professionalism and commitment of staff of RTC was amazing. The conducive environment and the state of art facilities made learning enjoyable. The course has given me a complete understanding of the status of trafficking in persons in the world today." -Alumnus from Ghana


"It was really an experience being at the RTC. I have not been to many courses but I attended a couple and the experience in terms of knowledge acquisition is just wow. Why do I say so? We had a resource person who is very much experienced in the field and did not teach theory but exposed us to the vast knowledge and experience he acquired over the years. The knowledge I have acquired will go a long way to help me not only in dealing with trafficking in persons cases but in criminal cases as a whole. I have been aware of the existence of trafficking in persons but have not addressed my mind to its seriousness and the effects on the victims. I was amazed to know that, the financial gain in trafficking in person is more than that of drug trafficking yet law enforcement practitioners pay more attention to drug trafficking than trafficking in persons.   Beside the knowledge impartation, we were well accommodated, over fed and we had a lot of fun. In simple terms the RTC knows how to blend business with leisure. "- Alumnus from Ghana



"What i learnt at the RTC has been most beneficial to my career. In carrying out my duties as a customs officer, I visited a company. I came across workers in deplorable conditions. Their employers told me that these conditions are not permanent but are short term ones, that vary from daytime to night time. Today,  I am in a position to undertake small investigations into such unscrupulous practices and organizations. I will also be able to intervene in areas such as domestic exploitation within households. The training has taught us  to be vigilant all around us. Thank you for everything."

- Alumnus from Togo



"I would like to thank you all for hard work towards the success of the training. Personally, as I am in the sub-section in charge of Child Trafficking and Juvenile Delinquency in my country, this workshop on Trafficking in Persons was a great eye opener and a source of capacity building towards understanding this growing phenomenon. I came out of the two week training, ready to follow the right procedures. The group sessions and the exchange of views with other colleagues was a great success. I thank you sincerely and it is my fervent hope that such workshops would increase so we are able to bond more, in a pleasant environment. "-Alumnus from Cote D'Ivoire



"I have not yet come across an example of human trafficking, to be able to put into practice, what our friend Paul taught us but I believe that when the opportunity comes my way, I will do my best to receive a positive outcome. Once again, thanks for everything. "-Alumnus from Togo



"Despite the training I had previously received in 2014, at the National School for Judges- Paris, this training has actually helped me gain an in-depth understanding of human trafficking. I also appreciated the break-out sessions which enabled us exchange and share our professional experiences. " -Alumnus from Benin


"It was a very pleasant stay and the training was very interesting, considering the relevance of the subject matter. "-Alumnus from Benin


RTC participants

Participants working on a group project

RTC training

Participants receiving instruction from lead instructor, Paul

RTC Training

Amy speaking on the work of IOM

RTC training

More group projects!


Participant doing a presentation on behalf of his group

RTC Training

Winding down on the terrace


[Post by: Sarah Dadson. Sarah is the Delegate & Alumni Coordinator for the West Africa Regional Training Center. Email her at]