Upcoming Courses - July & August 2019

July 30 2019 18:52
RTC Ghana

Three upcoming courses, to be delivered at the RTC in July and August, will enhance the Investigative skills and processes of law enforcement officers and leaders.

The Wildlife course taught by subject matter experts from Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) provides an overview of various wildlife trafficking investigative topics which are reinforced through field exercises. The curriculum focuses on endangered species law; CITES wildlife trade data; wildlife identification; case initiation and management; digital evidence; forensics and crime scene processing; surveillance; undercover operations; money laundering; interviewing; ethics and corruptions; raid planning; report writing and court preparation. It encourages interaction between instructors and class participants and concentrates on exchange of information and techniques by FWS in combating wildlife trafficking using investigative techniques in the United States.

The Fraudulent Documents and International Border and Air Cargo Interdiction courses, taught by both Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), focus on reinforcement techniques related to import and export operations; commercial vehicle concealment methods; contraband discovery; passenger and baggage processing; document analysis and the role of investigations in overall enforcement. The course will enhance airport enforcement knowledge of front-line and mid-level customs or law enforcement officials. The course is comprised of classroom and practical exercise trainings based on a variety of enforcement topics.
The RTC anticipates that these courses will contribute to the improvement of law enforcement capability across West Africa.