I love training weeks at the RTC. I love how the otherwise dull, grey rooms come to life with people of diverse races and cultures. Before you speak to the next person beside you in the cafeteria, you need to take a second to guess if he speaks English or French – the latter is more likely. In the past two quarters, the center has successfully trained over 600 participants and run 15 different courses. We have enjoyed working with instructor teams from multiple agencies who have shared knowledge and experience on a variety of topics relating to cyber investigations, intelligence gathering, evidence preservation and leadership themed courses. Our goal for the next quarter of the year is to communicate effectively with all RTC alumni and reach out to you with useful information linked to your careers as law enforcement professionals.  As we tell the RTC story through our 2nd quarter photo gallery, please share your fondest RTC experience with us. Enjoy a quick recap of our training year so far!