Success Story Highlights

On the final day of every training week, there is a recurring comment that appears in every participant evaluation, worded differently in each, that expresses the desire to return to the RTC and build on the knowledge received. Although the events that unfolded this year could not support in-person training activities, alumni found several avenues to apply the skills acquired at the RTC to their jobs, all the while informing us of the great successes in their investigative work.  We recognize the efforts of our alumni and we are honored that alumni feel a sense of pride with being associated with the RTC brand. Throughout the year, we received numerous success stories and we have sampled some feedback that we would like to share from alumni who have great testimonials about the RTC. Enjoy the read!  

Thank you so much for sharing your success story with the alumni community. The RTC greatly values your work as law enforcement officers and we are happy that you have been able to put your RTC techniques to use. Share your success story with us today by emailing us at