Stepping Into the New Year

It’s only a few days until the New Year and there is already a lot of exciting things to look forward to. The 2020 calendar year is filling up quickly with lots of training activities and events. We step into 2020 feeling very positive knowing that the hard work and diligence of our alumni will continue to make the region a safe place.

2020 Courses

The RTC hopes to introduce some pilot courses in addition to the standard investigative/ leadership themed courses. We hope that participants will benefit from the training opportunities and extend the impact of the training to colleague officers.

ILEA Global Network (IGN)

The IGN is an easy to use online platform which connects all RTC alumni. As part of our efforts to enhance our alumni outreach program, all participants are encouraged to use the IGN as a tool for promoting collaboration.

IGN for Surveys

Six (6) months after completing an RTC course, the IGN sends a short survey about your professional experience. Please use the link below to complete the 6-month survey at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, please follow instructions below to guide you through the process;

IGN Survey Instructional Guide

  1. Access the IGN login page via:
  2. Insert your username and password
  3. On the landing page click on “My Courses” to select the course you attended
  4. On the course session page, scroll down to take the alumni survey
  5. Submit survey after completion

Alternatively, please reach out to RTC POC's for assistance

IGN for Success Stories

IGN allows us to track alumni success stories and collect feedback on RTC Experience. Alumni successes demonstrate the benefits of the RTC program to alumni and the agencies they represent. Tell us your success story today by logging on to your IGN using the link below;

Alumni Reunion

We are gearing up for more events and activities with the goal of establishing better networking opportunities and regional partnerships between RTC alumni. This year, we reconnected with our alumni from Abuja in our first ever alumni event!! Let us know where our next stop should be!

Interesting isn’t it? Please share your fondest RTC moment with us via