How to Stay Safe While on Duty

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How To Stay Safe While On Duty.

Personal safety is a key concern for police officers and public safety officers. Quite simply, law enforcement can be difficult, dangerous and potentially deadly. In 2010, 132 police officers died due to gun and traffic related incidents. Assault and injuries numbers were much higher. How can you better protect yourself and your fellow officers?

Understand that safety is an issue: Just being ‘safety conscious’ is very important. This guiding principle will help you to be better prepared and will allow you to better manage situations that may occur while on duty.

Follow proper police procedure: The number one thing officers can do to keep themselves safe while on duty is to follow proper procedures. Almost every law enforcement or public safety situation has its own specific methodology for doing this. Whether you’re making an arrest or managing a traffic stop or handling a domestic dispute, there is a procedure to follow. Procedures were created – and have evolved – to protect officers and the communities they serve. Proper procedures allow law enforcement to be managed legally, efficiently and safely.

Don’t take risks: Being ‘safety conscious’ will keep you grounded and will help alleviate the desire to take unwarranted risks. Let proper procedures guide you and aim to err on the side of caution.

Communication is vital: Communication is your lifeline. It’s why the relationship you have with your partner and fellow officers is so important. Your life may depend on someone else.

Technology allows today’s police officer to maintain closer contact than ever before. Using the tools that are available to you is essential to doing your job well – and doing it safely. Ask for help: As an officer, you are trained to work both independently and in teams. Your partner, your fellow officers and your chain of command offer lines of help. These systems are in place to allow you to ask for help when help is needed.

Use the right equipment: Choosing dependable law enforcement equipment that is crafted specifically to match the needs of your job will ultimately help you be safer. Comfort, reliability and efficiency will help give you peace of mind and allow you the ability to focus on the job at hand.

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