Reminiscing on RTC Training

Participants have often described RTC trainings using these 3 words – Educative, Hands-on and Interesting. We love training weeks at the RTC. Working with different facilitating agencies and meeting new participants who share their experiences and diverse perspectives in law enforcement makes for an interesting learning environment. Each training is unique in its own way and presents novel experiences for the RTC team. Our participants are very enthused about the learning experience, especially given the quality of instruction received. Course deliveries are practical with lots of break out exercises and in some instances offsite activities. The combination of classroom presentations, handouts and video case examples enhance interaction between instructors and participants with participants asking lots of questions as it applies within their local context. On training Mondays – there are always a few awkward smiles during IGN registration and class introductions. The group photo session always has a way of brightening the morning after a few photography gimmicks and gestures from the RTC’s photographer! By the first coffee break – participants jump right into the course and remain motivated for the rest of the week. Thursday’s dinner reception is always fun-packed with participants and instructors attending. The combination of good food, music and a display of national cultures makes for an excellent platform for social networking. Saying goodbye after Friday graduation is the hardest part for most participants. They leave with the assurance of staying connected with the RTC and building stronger partnerships with their colleagues. In this month’s photo montage, we highlight courses attended between 2015 and 2020!

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