Opportunities for Continuous Learning

It is often said that learning is a lifelong activity.

This is especially true for us in the law enforcement domain. As it is impossible to have all our alumni at the RTC all year long, we encourage everyone to engage in online courses and other training opportunities that may enhance your overall skill set. One organization that offers a variety of training, which we would like to highlight, is the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI).

WACSI is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of civil society organisations through capacity strengthening programmes for increased and effective policy engagement, and the promotion of development, good governance and democratic values in West Africa.

WACSI is currently accepting applications for some of its upcoming specialized courses. Preference will be given to early applications. (Note that the online submission form does not work, so they ask that you download the form (link provided above) and email it to info@wacsi.org.)

Some of the courses include:

- Resource Mobilization and Proposal Writing;

- Financial Management and Grants Reporting;

- Results-Based Communication;

- Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation;

- Policy Advocacy and Engagement;

- Networking and Alliance Building;

- Human Resources Management;

- Board Governance

For more information on the above courses, visit the WACSI website (http://www.wacsi.org/). These courses could be of immense help to your career. (Please note however, that these courses are not funded by the RTC and the RTC cannot provide an applicant recommendation to WACSI, or written requests to Supervisors to permit your attendance.)

[Posted by: Sarah Dadson. Sarah is the Delegate & Alumni Coordinator for the West Africa Regional Training Center. Email her at info@westafricartc.org]