Gearing up for a New Year

There is indeed never a dull moment at the RTC and we are currently gearing up for the new training year. In our bid to improve upon our courses and operations as a training center, the RTC engaged monitoring and evaluation (M&E) experts to provide insight on the current tools we use to measure our impact and success as a training facility and identify areas for improvement. This involved an assessment of our current data collection tools (like the registration process and course evaluation forms that you’ve all completed) followed by multiple meetings, and pilots of revised instruments.

RTC team in a photo with our M&E experts

In the month of December, some participants and alumni of the RTC met with our M&E experts to help evaluate some of the new and revised data collection instruments of the RTC. We are so grateful to the participants who volunteered to be part of this exercise. We also appreciate the immense efforts of our alumni, who came to the center and provided quality feedback on our efforts. You all contributed greatly to making the RTC the best training facility in the region. To our M&E gurus- Tamar and Rachel- we appreciate your time and efforts and all the hard work you put into this project. We are guaranteed to have better training weeks ahead because of your diligent work! More “red-red” for you!

On that note, I would like to unofficially inform all our alumni, to expect an improved RTC in the coming year. We hope to send out surveys to you, in order to measure the impact of the RTC training, to improve upon our course deliveries and to continue the benefits of the training. All this is intended to make you the best criminal justice professionals that Africa (and the world) has ever seen. Please look out for the surveys next year when we roll them out, and inform your counterparts to complete them as well!

Finally, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the entire RTC team for the hard work put in this year. To our Program Managers who are now honorary Ghanaians not only because they thoroughly enjoy Ghanaian food, but are always excited to be back to manage every course- I say “Medaase!” A special shout-out to my Senior Editors-In-Chief – April and Jenna, for tirelessly editing the newsletter every month! And then to the RTC- Ghana team, all those who work behind the scenes, to make the program a success - you are solid gold.



Ladies of the RTC!

RTC team members


Jenna, one of our Project Managers


Happy Holidays everyone!


[Post by: Sarah Dadson. Sarah is the Delegate & Alumni Coordinator for the West Africa Regional Training Center. Email her at]