New Course: Advanced Controlled Delivery Techniques

The RTC is currently developing a new course called "Advanced Controlled Delivery Techniques," which is intended to put skills learned in the "Employing Special Techniques in Transnational Organized Crime Investigations (TOCI)" course to the test in the classroom and the field.


Example of Audio Surveillance Equipment for Capstone Exercise

The “Advanced Controlled Delivery Techniques” course is designed to focus on the mechanics of performing controlled delivery techniques as they pertain to transnational organized crime. The course is structured utilizing a balanced combination of subject matter expert presentations and “hands on” practical exercises in which participants perform actual controlled delivery techniques as part of simulated controlled delivery situations.  These practical exercises will be supported by the course facilitators, technical experts, and actors (role players). A series of situational scenarios for the practical exercises will be released to the participants in stages throughout the week of training. Each practical exercise is designed for the participants to apply the most recently taught controlled delivery techniques to glean additional “pieces of the puzzle” throughout the week. This enables participants to ultimately plan and carry out a successful controlled delivery in a “Capstone Exercise” on the last day of the training.

This course is expected to be piloted at the West Africa Regional Training Center in early 2015.