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Mr. Effa

Mr. Effa

Mr. Effa

Ever wondered what the full RTC training experience feels like? It is never dull or uninteresting; our days are full of engaging activities drawn from the experiences of highly qualified instructors who are passionate about fighting crime. Our participants, among the best in the world, fully engage all their mental capacities during the training week and make for an overall fun learning process. One participant wrote to us describing his takeaways from the RTC training and we thought we'd share, especially with our skeptics, to hop on board the RTC train!

Mr. Effa during the CVE-Anti-Corruption course in July 2017

Mr. Effa during the CVE-Anti-Corruption course in July 2017

The RTC training program exposes Law Enforcement professionals to many areas of criminal investigations. The trainings are tailor-made to enable us to identify criminal trends with the understanding of the best practices needed to combat these crimes.

I was privileged to have been selected amongst my colleagues from the Ghana Police Service- Criminal and Investigative Department, to attend my first RTC training. Though I had never heard of the Center I had high expectations about the training.

 My first encounter with the RTC was when I participated in this one week training program on the Office of Professional Responsibility and Internal Affairs (OPR/IA). With my understanding of the global need for professionalism and integrity in law enforcement, I was particularly excited knowing that the course was of significance to my law enforcement career progression. Having worked in the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau, I had very high expectations for the outcome of the training.

Through case studies and classroom presentations, I gained a better understanding of the value of an Office of Professional Responsibility. The training equipped me with requisite skills needed for conducting internal investigations within my organization using applicable investigative techniques and procedures. It taught me the best practices needed to address unprofessional behaviors displayed by other officers. 

The well experienced instructors emphasized the need to properly manage cases and documentation in order to ensure proper accountability within the work environment.   I learned the importance of drawing a case plan prior to collecting evidence or even beginning an investigation. My work capacity was highly improved.  The course enhanced my efficiency and professionalism at work. I can say with much confidence that I now work under little or no supervision as I have learned how to properly apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the training.

Mr. Hanza (Instructor with microphone), briefing participants on the objectives of the CVE-Anti-Corruption course

Instructor briefing participants on the objectives of the CVE-Anti-Corruption course

RTC has shaped and expanded my social network through constant interaction and effective collaboration with alumni from other law enforcement agencies in West Africa.  My most recent training on Anti-Corruption put me into contact with colleagues from Togo, Benin and Cote D’Ivoire. It was a great time of bonding, knowledge sharing, and discussions on successes made and challenges faced within our organizations. We summed it all up in useful recommendations that can help improve the quality of our work as officers.

I am a proud alumnus of the RTC and I hope to be nominated for future trainings. Great work to all US agencies and partners for implementing training deliveries designed to address current criminal threats and activities.

His words, not ours! The RTC is constantly amazed by the kind of positive feedback we receive from our alumni. Do you want to be featured in our monthly newsletter? Don't hesitate to share your own RTC experience with our entire community! Write to us at Your story could motivate and encourage someone in their jobs!