A Letter to the RTC Community


Sarah, presenting RTC Alumni Network Outreach Programs to a graduating class

Thank you for all you do for Africa.”

About a month ago, I received the powerful message above from an RTC alumnus, which struck a chord with me about the importance of my job. I realize now how valuable our work is and I have come to understand that these trainings go a long way to impact various law enforcement agencies and our societies. Week after week, I meet passionate officials who, despite the challenges they face, are determined to make our communities safer. I am privileged to have worked with participants and instructors who share experiences that are not only applicable in a law enforcement context, but also relate to everyday living.

My time at the RTC is coming to an end and I am moving on to newer challenges. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work here at the Center and I appreciate all the support I received from everyone connected to the RTC. From the management team, to instructors and participants, I received a great amount of support to make my career what it is today. The RTC has been my life for the last two years and I honestly do not know how I am going to adjust to life without the RTC. I am most thankful to the Ghanaian Law Enforcement community, who provide valuable assistance to the RTC team- from assisting with overnight visa requests to escorting our participants through Customs at the airport. If I could mention names, this post would be the longest you’ve ever read. I will miss receiving random calls from Togo, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Chad and Nigeria- just to inquire about my welfare and recounting the benefits of the training. I am confident that if life takes me to the culture-rich city of Dakar or to the beautiful shores of Mauritius I would be able to call on an RTC alumnus for assistance.

Opening Ceremony of the Judicial Forum

Opening Ceremony of the Judicial Forum

I have learned many lessons from my time at the RTC and I would like to share a few with you all. Working here has proven to me that the world needs more RTC’s. The level of cooperation we witness from participants who come from different cultural backgrounds and yet work together on a group of projects always amazes me. I have also learned the meaning of integrity, having worked with honest men and women of the law. I have seen, firsthand, what it means to be committed to and building one’s career. Many operate with minimal resources and lack of political will to bring change. However, it is evident that odds are defied to make it work. The spirit of resilience that is demonstrated is highly admirable. Finally, if anyone ever said law enforcement officials are boring, that person has obviously not met RTC alumni on Thursday evenings. It’s good to work hard, but it is also very necessary to take time off to have some fun.


Sarah in a photo with colleagues at the RTC

Sarah (right) in a photo with colleagues at the RTC

My final request is that all of you wonderful stakeholders continue to support the RTC Alumni outreach efforts and plan to collaborate with the RTC on future projects. I will miss all of you hardworking people who make the RTC what it is today. Continue to build the RTC brand as one of the best things going on in this region. I am very confident in the work we do here and I look forward to reading about greater accomplishments chalked by the RTC. Long live the West Africa Regional Training Center, Long live Africa. I remain always, an Ambassador of the RTC.

Yours Sincerely,

Sarah Dadson
Outgoing Delegate/Alumni Coordinator