Happening at the RTC

The RTC facilitated a Wildlife Trafficking Investigators program for 30 participants representing Ghana, Liberia, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria. We welcomed back to the RTC- Mr. Danladi the alumni instructor, who was part of the Fish and Wildlife Team (FWS) that facilitated this course. The course was hands-on with lots of practical exercises to include vehicle inspections, interviewing lab sessions, crime scene scenarios and a buy bust session. Over the past two weeks, participants remained highly interactive, asking questions and sharing experience. The social night cannot go unnoticed. It was amazing to see participants network and exchange contacts in a more informal setting. Joining the Wildlife group were colleague officers from the Public Corruption class which ran concurrently. The refreshing atmosphere, coupled with good music and dance set the stage for establishing international connections and regional partnerships. As you click through the photos below, we hope that you think fondly on your time at the RTC.


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