Election Security

2020 is shaping up to be a busy year for African elections, and when it comes to election security, you can never be too prepared. Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Niger are heading to the polls in the coming weeks, and we know how important your role as Law Enforcement is, during an election. We have selected the following publications from well-respected election security think-tanks, government agencies, and international NGOs from West Africa that you might find interesting. Enjoy!

The Africa Center for Strategic Studies – which aims to enhance citizen security through research, academic programs, and the exchange of ideas – shared this piece about the fragility of democracy in West Africa and how we can protect it: Safeguarding Democracy in West Africa (5 minute read)

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS), a member of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Network (PNI), published this article on what we can learn about security from past elections: Lessons from Mali as Burkina and Niger head for the polls (7 minute read)

International Media Support (IMS) is an international NGO that uses good, reliable journalism as a way to reduce global conflict and strengthen democracy. In cooperation with ECOWAS, IMS created this report to encourage a healthy relationship between law enforcement and the media as a way to protect peaceful elections in West Africa. Strengthening police and media relations for the safety of journalists and peaceful free and fair elections in West Africa (12-15-minute read)

No law enforcement agency desires conflict resulting from elections but failing to lay down a response strategy for such eventualities is asking for disaster. Law enforcement's ability to respond to conflicts and restore calm during elections have a big impact on the safety of our communities. Miss Heather R. Cotter, the Executive Director of the International Public Safety Association, a non-profit organization, discusses some points to consider in her article titled “Contemporary Issues in Policing” as agencies structure their civil unrest plans. Read more here: 12 Things Every Police Department's Civil Unrest Plan Needs  (8 minute read)

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Disclaimer - The RTC is sharing these links as a suggestion and does not endorse any of these websites. We hope readers find the tips on election security helpful.