Waltzing into the Second Half of the Year

Six months have passed by so quickly. At the beginning of 2020, many of us set goals with hopes of achieving them as the year progresses. For some, it appears there is very little achievement to show, as the topsy-turvy first half of the year has been filled with many uncertainties and adjustments. This month may be the right time to evaluate your goals and see if you are still on track. There is still a bit of time before the year pans out. At the RTC, one of our goals is to increase alumni engagement through enhanced communication and to make the RTC relevant for alumni by providing useful resources that benefit your law enforcement career.  Let’s take a moment to do our mid-year goal check:

  1. Have you had challenges logging in to the IGN to complete your 6-month survey? How can we help?
  2. Have you contacted your course mates and fellow RTC alumni using the IGN or the alumni WhatsApp platforms? If not, how can we help you learn how to do this?
  3. Have you liked our RTC Facebook page and followed us on Twitter?
  4. Have you been receiving our monthly newsletter? If yes, what additional content would you like to see?
  5. Did you know you could submit your success story by filling out a success story form on the IGN?

As we transition into the next half of the year, remain hopeful that things will take a positive turn. Here are a few tips to make the best out of the rest of the year!

Take online courses

As law enforcement officers, this may be a good time to get more informed by taking advantage of free online courses to broaden your knowledge and enhance your skill set.  Training topics such as general health and wellness, officer safety and compliance, management skills and ethics may be a good starting point. Additionally, there is so much to learn about COVID-19 and the spectrum of threats it presents. Understanding emerging criminal trends and security in the era of COVID-19 will provide fresh insights in our collective interest to fight an invisible virus and protect our communities.

Revisit RTC course materials

Education is a never-ending cycle.  Revisiting old materials will help you better assess yourself in how you have applied the RTC knowledge and remind you of topics you may have forgotten. Take a moment to download course materials from the IGN on training you have attended ranging from investigative courses, leadership skills, fire arms training, countering corruption etc. Refreshing your memory will help sharpen your skills and prepare you for bigger opportunities that can lead to your promotion.

Spend time with family and friends

Sometimes we get so immersed in our work lives that we lose touch with our friends and family. To maintain our emotional and physical health we need good support systems. Social interaction with friends and family is a healthy way to relieve stress and improve our mental health. Strengthening family ties though group activities creates memories, develops positive energy and nurtures self-esteem.  Find some downtime and use it for recreational activities such as indoor sporting activities, getting in touch with your parents or relatives or simply taking a nice long walk with a trusted friend.

Expand your network

Networking can be a great resource that helps you expand your knowledge and learn from the successes of others. Sharing your law enforcement experience and exchanging ideas with others is a very viable tool in law enforcement. When was the last time you called an RTC colleague just to say hello? The RTC alumni community has created the platform that encourages interaction between alumni from different agencies across the region. We encourage you to leverage on existing connections to build new ones using the IGN and alumni WhatsApp platforms

Feel free to share some tips and suggestions on what alumni can do to make the best out of the rest of the year.  You can send us an email at info@westafricartc.org  and we’ll keep sharing your feedback.