August Alumni Testimonials

Participants who attend trainings at the RTC always leave with big smiles. The month of August was no exception. Participants appreciated all the training deliveries this month. They applauded the efforts of all the instructors, project managers and staff of the RTC. Most of them expressed their desire for more training courses at the RTC while others described the RTC as the best among the numerous training centers they have attended. Participants shared the following views with the RTC:


  • The training has actually built my capacity in my field of work. I will therefore be proactive in assisting the police and immigration officers in identifying cases related to trafficking in persons. I will also do my best to refer all cases to the Attorney General’s Department for prosecution. I want to appeal to your institution (RTC) to organize periodic workshops of this kind for the security agencies. – Anonymous


  • The training has empowered me by way of enhancing my skill in prosecuting cases in general, especially human trafficking cases. It has given me a bigger lens to look out for evidence and generally expect and appreciate the confusion of victims. – Anonymous


  • The training is very timely. It has sharpened and enhanced my investigative skills. I suggest that other colleagues who have not had the opportunity to sit in courses at the RTC should be given the privilege. I urge all participants who sit in trainings at the RTC to make very good use of the skills that they acquire for the benefit of their agencies. This will go a long way to compliment the efforts of law enforcement officers in fighting crimes of all kinds. – Anonymous


Post by Esther Owusu Afari. Esther is one of the Delegate/Alumni Coordinators at the West Africa Regional Training Center. Email her at