Alumni Testimonials

The RTC definitely has great alumni and every month we receive amazing testimonials on how the RTC training is impactful to their careers. We always love to keep track of what happens after an RTC training- how is the knowledge acquired being applied in the day-to-day performance of tasks. This month we’d like to share some great feedback we received from our recent courses. Enjoy reading!


Alumnus from The Gambia

I am a Gambian law enforcement agent working with the Drug Law Enforcement Agency of the Gambia (DLEAG). I have over a decade of experience in general and drug interdiction in particular. My first encounter with the RTC was in 2013 - where I attended the Basic Investigations Course. In 2014, I was privileged to be part of the Fundamental Investigative Criminal Analysis course (FICA). My ability to investigate and prosecute drug cases was greatly enhanced. In 2019, I returned for the Anti-corruption for Judges and Prosecutors course. Today, I have been promoted to the rank of a Director, responsible for Legal Affairs and Prosecution at the DLEAG. With my achievements over the years, I am proud to be associated with the RTC as an alumnus of the program.


Drug Law Enforcement Agency

Alumnus from Ghana

Prior to the training, my prosecution of narcotic related offences focused on sending the accused person to jail and that was it. I learnt however to follow the money and take it away from the accused if convicted, so they don’t come back to enjoy the fruits of their criminal activities and also to cut off their operations. I have since made it a point to look out and also charge for money laundering where necessary. I also ask my investigators now to trace assets for preservation and forfeiture if tainted. I currently have a pending case with a money laundering charge in addition to charges related to narcotics. Some properties were identified and steps are being taken to preserve them and to have them confiscated. These are assets I would not have bothered to follow but for the insight gained during the RTC training.


Attorney General’s Department

Alumnus from Ghana

I have attended about 3 of the programs, which involved participants from different agencies. I have made friends from different organizations and countries and we continue to share experiences and knowledge relevant to our work. I apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the courses to my work as a judge daily. The trainings have greatly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of my work as a judge which will contribute a long way to my promotion at work. I have a better understanding of the challenges investigators and prosecutors face in the course of their work so I take that into consideration when handling cases. I also apply the best practices from other judges when deciding my cases. We are considering non-conviction-based confiscation as a result of these training programs attended. I am grateful for the opportunity to benefit from the RTC.

High Court Judge

Judicial Service of Ghana

Alumna from Cabo Verde

On April 23, the Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime Unit of the Judiciary Police arrested a 30-year-old Brazilian (male) who was in possession of 9.4kg of cocaine at the Cesária Évora International Airport. The suspect had concealed the drugs in towels and clothes in his suitcase. The suspect was arraigned before court on April 30 and was remanded in police custody awaiting trials. This arrest and seizure happened exactly two weeks after I attended the Basic Law Enforcement Techniques course at the RTC. Though I had some experience in drug seizure and investigations, the techniques and skills I acquired during my stay at the RTC helped me a lot.


Judicial Police

Wow, isn’t that great? We are hopeful that our world is being made a better place, thanks to hardworking and passionate law enforcement personnel like our alumni. Please share your success story using the link below: