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Mr. John Kellenso

Mr. John Kellenso

Mr. Kellenso (right) in a warm handshake with an instructor

We recently received feedback from one of our delegates from Liberia who attended the Basic Law Enforcement Techniques Training in April of last year. He was delighted to share with the alumni community how the techniques acquired during the training enabled him and his agency, apprehend criminals.  Enjoy the read!


Following the end of the Basic Law Enforcement training, I resumed duty at my post in Liberia as a Commander with the Liberia National Police. Based on the knowledge and techniques acquired, my agency and I were successful in arresting a suspect on the run who had committed murder. Intelligence gathered revealed that he had shot and killed his wife and fired at armed police officers who attempted to apprehend him. In the process he wounded two victims who assisted the police in the investigations. Based on the techniques acquired, we easily apprehended him in a nearby village where he had been hiding for about 5 months. Upon his arrest he was investigated and charged with the criminal offenses of murder and aggravated assault according to sections 14.1 & 14.20 of the new penal code of Liberia and sent to court. I also testified in court and to the jury and the defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life term imprisonment.

The second major case was in July of last year, which involved a female tenant who had mysteriously gone missing.  An unknown person who made claims to be her boyfriend had ceased her cell phone. Upon the report of the case, my team and I applied the techniques learned at the RTC and requested for a call log on the victim’s cell phone number from the Lone Star/MTN GSM after we got authorization from the Gbarnga city magisterial court. After analyzing the call log, the location of the unknown caller was revealed which led to the arrest of the victim’s landlord. He voluntarily admitted to have killed his tenant and extracted important parts for ritual purposes. The area where the victim’s remains was buried was shown to us and the was exhumed for autopsy. Results proved that she was violently killed and her body parts were extracted. The landlord named two additional persons who were connected to the act. Upon arrest, all 3 suspects voluntarily admitted to have committed this gruesome act. They were subsequently charged with Murder and sent to court. They were tried, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

 I would like to appreciate the able leadership of the RTC and the great work they do to sustain the program. I am a beneficiary of this great initiative.

We love hearing from our alumni. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your success stories!