Alumni in Focus

Alumni in Focus

Mr. Gueye

Mr. Gueye

We would like to put the spotlight on an alumnus from Senegal who attended the DEA Advanced Narcotics Course in March 2019 and CBP/ICE’s two-week course on Fraudulent Document and International Border Interdiction course, that took place last month. He was very happy to share his training experience with the alumni community. Enjoy the read!

Briefly introduce yourself to include information on your law enforcement career.

My name is Mr. Gueye, a Police Adjutant with the Senegalese National Police and currently posted to the Special Immigration Police Station at Rosso. Before joining the Immigration Police, I served for more than 15 years with the anti-drug unit where I was actively involved in a number of drug seizures and dismantling of criminal networks, both internationally and locally. I would like to acknowledge that the Advanced Narcotics Course I attended in 2019 played an important role in the drug seizures that I was involved in.

Would you say that the Fraudulent Documents training course has been beneficial? In what way?

This training came at the right time for me, especially because I just joined the Immigration police about five (5) month ago with very little experience on immigration duties at the border posts. The course modules taught during the training were very enlightening and the knowledge that I have acquired will go a long way to help me effectively accomplish my daily tasks in profiling travelers, conducting vehicle search, as well as examining travelling documents. 

You have been at the RTC for two weeks with delegates from 5 different countries; can you tell us about you training experience?

Training experiences at the RTC are always memorable and promote collaboration. This training was another great opportunity to interact and establish professional relationships and share best practices with law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions. This network opportunity will enable us stay in touch with each other and develop joint actions that will help fight crimes transnational organized crimes.

What are your major takeaways from the training?

The course was delivered in a logical manner with each model building on the previous module. More specifically, the modules on document examination and how to conduct systematic search of vehicle was particularly useful. Additionally, the country presentations on identifying the security features on national passports and identity cards was very helpful. This exercise helped me to better understand differences in travelling documents from different countries.

What is your fondest RTC memory?

The Thursday social event was awesome! It created an enabling environment for networking. I was able to interact with the instructors and participants in a more informal way. I also enjoyed the Accra city tour. I had a better appreciation of the cultural diversity that exists. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to the RTC Director, RTC coordination team, instructors and interpreters who contributed in making our two-week training experience at the RTC a success. Kudos to you all.

Thank you very much Mr. Gueye for sharing your training experience with the alumni community. Do you want to be featured in our next month newsletter? Do not hesitate to send us a message via