Alumni Testimonial from Cote D'Ivore

The West Africa Regional Training Center definitely has great alumni and instructors.

Every month, we receive amazing testimonials on how the RTC training has been beneficial to the success of their careers. We always love to keep track of what happens after an RTC training- how the knowledge acquired is being applied in the day-to-day performance of tasks, in particular. This month I would like to share some great feedback we received from an alumnus from our recent financial investigations course. Enjoy reading!

“As soon as we arrived in Cote D’Ivoire, we presented a report about our RTC training to our superiors.  Given the quality of the report we presented, our authorities decided to organize a restitution session on the workshop we attended at the RTC. This session was also a form of training for our colleagues and it took place in the conference hall of our organization. Apart from the Director and his two deputies, the meeting was also attended by about ten police commissioners and about thirty police officers.  At the end of the session, we received words of commendation from all the participants including our three Directors. Furthermore, the idea of knowing that after participating in a workshop and upon one’s return, it will simply not be a matter of just writing and depositing a report but that it will be followed by a session in the presence of our bosses and colleagues, is a source of motivation for us to follow the training with keen attention.  Failure is an orphan but victory has many fathers. For us, this victory preeminently is yours- you the RTC officials, the various facilitators and trainers due to the quality of teaching you imparted to us. We are grateful to you and we hope that you continue to be there for us so that others will benefit from your knowledge, trainings and guidance just as we have also benefitted. Thank you”.

Wow, isn’t that great? We at the RTC are thrilled to know that our participants are not only concerned with their personal career progress, but are also interested in being effective leaders of change, in their various organizations. Again, we remain hopeful that our world is being made a better place, thanks to hardworking and passionate law enforcement personnel like our alumni.

If you believe that you will be asked to present to your Superiors upon return home, please let me know and I will discuss the option of providing a “GoKit” to you to facilitate the process. The “GoKits” are not available for all courses, but they are for some. Alternatively, I may be able to provide some other forms of guidance. Please inquire.

We wish you the very best in all your endeavors!

[Post by: Sarah Dadson. Sarah is the Participant & Alumni Coordinator for the West Africa Regional Training Center. Email her at]