Upcoming Alumni Event in Abuja

Are you an RTC alumnus based in Abuja? Will you be interested in attending an Alumni event? The RTC plans to host its maiden alumni event in Abuja next month. This event presents a unique opportunity for RTC alumni to share success stories and best practices which highlight the benefits of RTC training. The event will consist of presentations and will create an opportunity for RTC alumni to provide feedback and recommendations on RTC courses. Interested RTC alumni based in Abuja should look out for the official event invitation form, sent via email. Alternatively, you can reach out to RTC points of contact via  for more details.

RTC Visits Zambia

This month, the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Gaborone, in collaboration with the U.S. embassy in Zambia and the Botswana Police Service, hosted a successful Alumni event in Zambia. This event brought together over one hundred and fifty (150) Zambian Alumni representing officers from the Zambia Police Service, Immigration Department, National Parks and Wildlife, Drug Enforcement Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, Financial Intelligence Center and the Zambia Revenue Authority.

The ILEA Gaborone Director welcomed alumni and the U.S. government officials, highlighting the objectives of the ILEA program and the role of alumni in meeting the program’s objectives. He explained the broader vision of the program to expand partner nation portfolios, through strategic training and engagement aimed at identifying emerging threats and addressing challenges affecting the sub-Saharan region. He encouraged alumni to provide constant feedback on the training received as direct ways of ensuring the success of the program.

The RTC Director and Alumni Coordinator were honored to attend this maiden event and complimented the great work done by ILEA Gaborone. The Director highlighted the joint effort of the RTC and ILEA in supporting Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Institutions in Africa. The event concluded with an evening reception where the US Ambassador in Zambia, emphasized that the greatest value officers can add to themselves is to build bilateral relationships and partnerships with counterparts from other countries.

Would you be interested in hosting the RTC team in your home country? Where would you like the RTC to visit next? Write to us and tell us more via