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Creating Common Conditions for the Respect of Human Right.

In order to address the concerns of global issues from the viewpoint of oneness of humanity and a deep understanding into the interconnected nature of today’s world, there is the need to observe the fundamental human rights of all human beings. Conflict is a global concern that poses a great threat in the achievement of these rights as it disrupts the security and peace of many nations. One main ideological cause of conflict can be affiliated with the disregard for human rights. Let us work together in order to ensure that the rights of everyone are fully respected. We hope readers will find the following pointers useful as part of our efforts to sustain global peace as law enforcers.

Let us learn to tolerate each other

Tolerance creates room for better understanding and respect of human right. Tolerance simply means, having the ability to exhibit a fair and objective attitude towards those whose opinions, practices, nationality differ from one’s own.   Being tolerant remains a vital key to easing hostile tensions between groups. Failure to appreciate and respect the practices, opinions and beliefs of another group can result in disregard for human right which can lead to unresolvable conflicts. We must therefore learn to accommodate and appreciate the values of one another.

Let us practice a culture of peace

Our diverse cultural backgrounds should not be used as the basis to justify the violation of human rights.  In order to create a common condition for the respect of human right, we should adopt the idea that individual’s cultural beliefs and practices which vary from culture to culture must be equally respected and that no one’s culture is esteemed higher than the other. Our diverse cultural differences does not take away the basic human needs we all desire such as food , shelter and clothing and by extension does not put us in any better situation. Regardless of our race, sex, culture, religious or political affiliation, we all seek to be happy and respected and we try to avoid conflict, pain and suffering.  Our rich diversity of cultures should help us strengthen our fundamental human rights.

Let us practice Gender Balance

Gender inequality remains a major barrier to human development.  Usually, women and girls are discriminated against across all sectors of the society including education, health, economic participation in decision making and the labor market. This has a negative effect on their freedom. Everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against because of their gender.  Men and women alike should be accorded equal respect and fair representation as their primary human right. Unequal treatment of persons based on their gender can cause conflict in the society. In order to create a favorable condition for the respect of human right, the needs of men and women must be equally valued and favored.

In conclusion, peace and freedom cannot be established as long as fundamental human rights are violated. There is an increasing desire for a revolution that resolves conflicts peaceably with the use of dialogue and non-violence, a revolution that upholds human right and human dignity aimed at sustaining peace.

The RTC encourages the entire criminal justice community to continue the work you do in protecting the well-being of the world and the future generation in our vision of maintaining peace, security and freedom.


Post by Collins Agyare . Collins  is one of the Delegate/Alumni Coordinators at the West Africa Regional Training Center. Email him at info@westafricartc.org