2020 Year in Review

Congratulations – we made it to the end of 2020!! 2020 has been a very challenging year for most people but we are happy that despite the prevailing conditions of COVID-19, we have still been able to make the most out of the year. We dedicate this final blog post to all our partners for making our training year a success. Join us as we tell the story of how the training modalities at the RTC transitioned from onsite activities to the virtual training room. The fair blend of activities addressed critical issues that constitute threats to the security and peace of our societies, and they served the needs of our law enforcement community in the region. Let’s take a peek into the year!

Reflecting on our achievements from the 1st quarter, the RTC hosted six (6) in-person courses facilitated by instructors from seven (7) U.S. law enforcement agencies. The instructor teams were instrumental in delivering a wide range of investigative courses and identified how community policing approaches can be employed to address violent extremism. More than 200 participants from 13 partner nations were welcomed to the RTC facility.

The data below represents countries that were present at the RTC in 2020:

By the 2nd quarter of the year, all in-person trainings had been suspended due to restrictions instituted by various Governments to contain the spread of the coronavirus. However, we were confident knowing that the trainings we offer at the RTC empowers alumni with the skill set needed to deal with crisis situations. Kudos to you all for putting your lives at risk for the safety of our communities while maintaining law and order. We are happy that our engagement with our alumni was not affected by the pandemic, thanks to lots of virtual activities that kept us connected. Alumni were very interactive on our social platforms via WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Based on findings from the 2020 annual newsletter survey, alumni confirmed they are largely satisfied with the content and structure of our newsletters. Alumni feedback is an indication of how RTC newsletter is achieving the desired result of serving the needs of our alumni.

The data below captures findings from our  social media engagement and newsletter survey: 

Through INL’s visionary leadership, RTC transitioned to virtual trainings by 3rd and 4th quarter of the year. We hosted a series of webinars for investigators, prosecutors, and other justice officials trained in a wide range of topics, including Cyber and Financial Crime Investigations and Anti Corruption. Participants expressed great satisfaction in the teaching and learning module while sharing their virtual training experience.

Snapshot of virtual training:

As the year comes to an end, we would like to recognize the extraordinary commitment made by alumni, stakeholders and RTC staff. Thank you all for supporting the RTC’s mission of building regional cooperation and strengthening the capacity of criminal justice officials to combat crime.

Happy holidays!