2019 Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement

July 30 2019 19:38
RTC Ghana

The RTC just concluded a week long training on Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement delivered by instructors from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).The entire week, participants had been learning about leadership styles and discussing challenges faced by women in Law Enforcement. The training week was crowned with a panel discussion led by distinguished females in the Criminal Justice Sector who have overcome and are still overcoming challenges working in a male dominated work environment. It’s a good feeling to know that all five (5) panel speakers were RTC Alumni who have risen through the ranks and are currently occupying positions of influence in their careers. The question and answer session opened up candid conversations about the approaches used by the panelists in overcoming these challenges. Participants were highly motivated to work harder and achieve their goals. In addition, the RTC was privileged to host female high school delegates who had the opportunity to interact with the panel members and ask relevant questions about what inspired their dreams and how they have worked to make their dreams a reality. The RTC Director engaged these students in a goal setting exercise and encouraged them to consider pursuing careers in law enforcement in the future. Knowing that the knowledge they had received could help them to inspire a shared vision across female law enforcement, the class graduated with a sense of pride and an increased desire to be extraordinary leaders.